Il Cafetero

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An experience to discover the wonders that are hidden behind every single coffee bean.

Coffee is Like Wine

Would you believe me if I told you that every coffee tastes different depending on country of origin, on the harvesting and process, on the roasting technique and on the extraction? Just as wine, coffee is a drink that can, or rather must, be enjoyed.

In our coffee shop you can start a journey to discover what coffee really can be and to understand what type of coffee your palate likes the most. Our tasting journey has the goal to satisfy your senses. After having had a taste of this world, believe me, you will not go back.

Artisan roasting

The love for coffee takes you to new places, revealing different and innovative secrets and extraction methods. In fact, there are more than 10 different ways of preparing coffee in the world and depending on the origin and roasting they can be suitable for espresso or other methods. Today, among the different options we can also offer a coffee roasted by us with care and attention.

“Working in the food and beverage industry has always been my goal, even as a child I knew that this would be my path. Today, my work experience, the accumulated know-how and the desire to be part of this coffee wave, led me in September 2019 to finally open my corner of paradise, my specialty coffee shop.”

Federico "Il Cafetero"

Tea and herbal teas

As we select the coffees to taste for our customers, we have selected a set of 100% Natural Teas and Herbal Teas. From black, green, red and white tea to aromatic and delicate herbal teas, we prepare them with the infusion method known as French press. Enjoying our teas and herbal teas also becomes a moment of total relax.

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Inoltre, comunichiamo che i giorni 11-12 e 13 Luglio Il Cafetero chiuderà alle ore 15:00.

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