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Keywords: Quality, Traceability and Sustainability.

A new adventure and an important step for IL CAFETERO: we select the green coffee, we do many tests and tastings (really many) until we find the one that satisfies us. Toasting is an art that requires commitment and study, but it is worth it to try to offer our customers a unique experience.

Why Are We Talking About Specialty Coffee?

“Speciale” coffee means a controlled and sustainable production chain to guarantee the best quality. From the selection of green coffee directly in the production area to the specifically designed roasting and finally to the grinding and extraction. The entire process is followed and studied with great care to obtain a coffee bean that can give us a unique experience every time.

Tasting a specialty coffee means facing a personality and a taste every time. In these cases it’s about finding the coffee that is most pleasing to your palate, the nuances that your taste buds prefer, the smells that make your mouth water. Coffee is even more varied than wine, even if the beans come from the same producer it will be different every time because every vintage is different.

To achieve this goal we recommend to all our customers a simple path to help them find their “coffee lover” style

  1. Learn to drink coffee as naturally as possible, i.e. without sugar.
    Quality coffee is not bitter and this is the first lesson we try to convey. Unfortunately, long years of drinking burnt coffee have ingrained this habit. To discover the true flavor of coffee we must start here.
  2. Taste a Specialty quality blend
    We offer a blend of three single origins, our Blend Turpial. This mix, in fact, is ideal for starting to understand the differences in coffee flavours. Well yes, every coffee has its own characteristic flavour. In particular, in this mixture you can taste cocoa, a little jam and dried fruit. You can try it both in espresso and mocha.
  3. From here it becomes more interesting… we start with tasting at will
    Generally every week you will find a different specialty to try and enjoy. The goal is to identify your favorite type of coffee. If you like more delicate flavors with floral or tropical fruit notes, choose South Americans; if, however, you prefer stronger citrus flavors with hints of lime and red fruits then you need to start with Africans. It’s all a matter of taste just as it happens with wine.
  4. Experiment with different types of extraction
    At Il Cafetero tasting coffee is a ritual but so is experimenting with other extraction methods beyond espresso. Before getting to Filter Coffee we always suggest making a first attempt with the moka. Extraction methods such as V60, aeropress, moka or frenchpress further enhance the sweeter flavors by reducing the acidity that is sometimes felt when tasting a specialty coffee in espresso.

In addition to the coffees roasted by IL CAFETERO, in our shop you can find coffees from different roasters. The reason is very simple: we recognize quality and we want our customers to have the freedom to choose!

Below are some roasters with whom we collaborate on a rotational basis:

• Lotzero Specialty Coffee, micro roastery created by Sevengrams together with Chiara Bergonzi. Located in the center of Milan, the roastery is dedicated exclusively to the production of specialty coffee.
Roaster: Chiara Bergonzi, SCA Trainer, consultant and latte art champion

• Garage Coffee Bros, a Verona roasting company born from the desire to make quality coffee accessible to everyone. A project that starts from the selection of coffee to the roasting and selection of retailers.
Roaster: Davide Cobelli, 2020 Italian Roasting Champion

• His Majesty the Coffee, a creation by Paolo Scimone in the Monza Brianza area. A company that has a hybrid heart that is a little British and a little Italian. Their approach tends towards innovation and research.
Roaster: Paolo Scimone, founder of HMC and QGrader roasting

• Caffè Hardy: Italian company that has been in the coffee business since 1954 and recently decided to introduce a selection of Specialties.
Roaster: Luca Bernardoni, roaster and creator of the Hardy academy, brand ambassador, counselor and winner of the 2022 Master Coffee Grinder Championship

• Santaromero Coffee: micro-roasting company based in Turin specialized in dealing only and exclusively with Colombian coffee. Santaromero's approach to quality is broad: not just the cup, but the entire supply chain.

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