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Keywords: Quality, Traceability and Sustainability.

A new adventure and an important step for IL CAFETERO: we select the green coffee, we do many tests and tastings (really many) until we find the one that satisfies us. Toasting is an art that requires commitment and study, but it is worth it to try to offer our customers a unique experience.

Why Are We Talking About Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee refers to a quality production chain. It is Arabica coffee produced in micro-lots, following a strict cultivation and processing line with the ultimate goal of obtaining a high-quality coffee bean. Talking about Specialty Coffee primarily means talking about the farmers who strive every year to produce coffee beans with unique aromatic profiles. Then it is the roaster’s and baristas’ job to help these beans express themselves to the fullest. In this context, IL CAFETERO, being also a micro-roastery, has the privilege of tasting and selecting some coffees from various countries around the world to offer in its own coffee shop and online.

In this production chain, we want to help our customers understand the magic hidden behind each coffee bean. Tasting a specialty coffee means encountering a different personality and taste each time, depending on the origin, variety, and processing method. We can help you find the type of coffee that suits you best, in terms of origin, roasting, and extraction.

In our tasting journey, we suggest to those who have never tried specialty coffee to start with small steps. Our Turpial blend is an excellent starting point if you want to experiment with espresso or moka. If you want to be bolder, start trying the single origins and be guided by the tasting notes described on each card.

It’s important to remember that coffee has its seasonality, so the offering will change periodically.

To achieve this goal we recommend to all our customers a simple path to help them find their “coffee lover” style

  1. Learn to drink coffee as naturally as possible, i.e. without sugar.
    Quality coffee is not bitter and this is the first lesson we try to convey. Unfortunately, long years of drinking burnt coffee have ingrained this habit. To discover the true flavor of coffee we must start here.
  2. Taste a Specialty quality blend
    We offer a blend of three single origins, our Blend Turpial. This mix, in fact, is ideal for starting to understand the differences in coffee flavours. Well yes, every coffee has its own characteristic flavour. In particular, in this mixture you can taste cocoa, a little jam and dried fruit. You can try it both in espresso and mocha.
  3. From here it becomes more interesting… we start with tasting at will
    Generally every week you will find a different specialty to try and enjoy. The goal is to identify your favorite type of coffee. If you like more delicate flavors with floral or tropical fruit notes, choose South Americans; if, however, you prefer stronger citrus flavors with hints of lime and red fruits then you need to start with Africans. It’s all a matter of taste just as it happens with wine.
  4. Experiment with different types of extraction
    At Il Cafetero tasting coffee is a ritual but so is experimenting with other extraction methods beyond espresso. Before getting to Filter Coffee we always suggest making a first attempt with the moka. Extraction methods such as V60, aeropress, moka or frenchpress further enhance the sweeter flavors by reducing the acidity that is sometimes felt when tasting a specialty coffee in espresso.

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