Coffee Experience

Since the birth of IL CAFETERO my goal has been to bring more and more people closer to the world of coffee. With this in mind, I propose small workshops that help the most curious to approach this world.

Il Cafetero takes you on a journey to discover coffee, its origins and its true taste. Forget all the coffee you’ve drunk so far, you’ll be surprised!

We will choose 3 types of single origin, that is, coming from single plantations or single producers distributed across the African, South American and Asian continents (everything depends on the seasonality and availability of the period).

You will taste these single origins in three different extractions:

Moka: Symbol of traditional Italian culture. It will be possible to understand how it has changed over time and how to use it to enhance the aromatic and natural properties of coffee

The V60: one of the best known and loved methods by baristas, well known abroad and which is also arriving in some Italian coffee shops. With this method it will be possible to understand the difference between the preparation of American coffee and filter coffee

The chemex: last but not least, this method, recognizable by its design, will allow you to taste a very aromatic coffee.

During the tasting we will explore the three methods with their differences, the preparation techniques and some tips for implementing them at home.
Everything will be accompanied by a dessert of your choice including a vegan option.

It is possible to book every day at 4pm except Tuesdays and Sundays.

Send us your registration by filling out the form below, indicating the day and number of participants. The experience has a base price of €25.00, at the end of the tasting you will be able to benefit from a discount on the purchase of our coffees.

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