Cold Filtered Coffee: Do You Know It?

Cold filtered coffee or “cold brew”: it is made with the cold dripper which allows you to extract up to 600 ml of coffee in about 6 hours.

Cold filtered coffee or “cold brew”: it is made with the cold dripper which allows you to extract up to 600 ml of coffee in about 6 hours.

How Much Do You Know About Cold Filter Coffee?

The most common type of cold extraction is called cold brew. This is performed thanks to a special tool called cold dripper, which has two compartments. In one the coffee is freshly ground and, in the other, there is cold water and ice. The cold extraction continues for approximately six hours in which up to 600 ml of coffee can be extracted. This special type of extraction is particularly interesting as, depending on the type of specialty coffee that is chosen, it allows the specific peculiarities of the selected coffee to be enhanced.

Cold Brew: What Are Its Strengths?

Each specialty coffee has a specific taste, flavor and characteristics that can be enhanced through the type of extraction. Specifically, cold extraction celebrates the flavors and particular olfactory notes of the chosen coffee. Typically, fruity flavors, floral or chocolate notes are enhanced in cold brew. And, in some cases, it is also possible to perceive liqueur notes. Another very important characteristic of cold brew is that it is part of what we call filter coffee in jargon.

“For me a cold filtrate. No hurry.”

Choosing to taste a cold filtered coffee does not just mean sipping a drink. The philosophy behind the different types of extraction is to taste the coffee, leaving aside the frenzy with which, however, we are used to fighting on a daily basis. After all, it is precisely the preparation itself that shows us the path of slowness, tasting and time to savor every nuance of what is one of the most complex and best drinks in the world. In fact, during the hours of extraction, we obtain a drink rich and intense with nuances, gustatory and olfactory notes. A sort of maceration with water and ice that expresses itself to the maximum on the palate and gives us intense and peculiar sensations based on the type of coffee chosen.

Cold brew is a type of extraction that must be tested, savored and understood.

Do you want to learn how to taste a cold filtered coffee, choosing your exclusive specialty coffee, capable of reflecting your personal tastes?

We at Cafetero are waiting for you for a real journey dedicated to the celebratory taste of the drink that has accompanied our days for centuries.


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