Moka – The extraction method most used by Italians after espresso

The extraction method most loved by Il Cafetero has been in the Italian tradition since 1933 and remains probably the most used in our homes. Obviously the advent of automatic machines has achieved great success due to the speed of use. The press of a button and it’s done. The question remains, do we actually know what we are drinking? Maybe today we mention its origin but do we know how it was harvested, the process it underwent and how it was roasted? Giving answers to these questions is important to understand if we are feeding in the correct way our body. There will be further insights in future articles on our blog.

But now let’s go back to our moka. We all have vivid memories in our minds of our grandmothers, mothers, aunts preparing the moka pot at home for breakfast, after lunch or dinner. But do we know how to prepare it in order to respect the natural aroma and taste of the coffee? Below are Il Cafetero’s tips for best preparing the moka pot:

  1. Preheat the water. Ideally the water for your moka should have a temperature around 45°, you can use a classic food thermometer
  2. Pay attention to proportions. By following this simple rule, you will not need to make mountains. In fact, the advice is to use approximately 11 gr of water for 1 gr of coffee. For example, for a basic 3-pot moka you can use 15g for 160g of water.
  3. Place your moka pot on the flame and leave the door open. You must stay next to your moka pot, don’t leave. Place the thermometer at the top of the moka pot right where the coffee starts to come out.
  4. Between 30-40° (induction heat) and almost 50°-60° (flame heat) your coffee will start to come out. At that point you can lower the flame almost to the minimum
  5. Keep an eye on the thermometer, when the temperature reaches 75° you can remove the moka from the heat and close the door. In this way your moka pot will finish the extraction on its own. You don’t have to hear the gurgling sound, if you hear it, means you’re burning your coffee.

What if you don’t have a thermometer and scale?

  1. The water must be right below the valve (in a 3-capacity moka it is equivalent to approximately 160g of water)
  2. The ground coffee must be level and can reach just below the upper edge of the filter (in a 3 moka pot it is equivalent to approximately 15 g of coffee)
  3. Leave the door open and as soon as the coffee starts to come out, reduce the heat to almost minimum.
  4. When your coffee reaches halfway, you can remove the moka from the heat and close the door.

At this point all you have to do is find the coffee that best suits your tastes. There is a world to discover so we are waiting for you to start a little journey together.

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