Our History

After more than 10 years of experience in the world of cocktails and mixology, I discovered the world of coffee in 2017. The black bean has captured all my attention, I have studied and continue to study its history, its origins and its development and every time it takes me to an unknown and new place.

Caffè filtrato a freddo

Working in the food and beverage industry has always been my goal, even as a child I knew that this would be my path. Today, my work experience, the accumulated know-how and the desire to be part of this coffee wave, led me in September 2019 to finally open my corner of paradise, my specialty coffee shop.

Il Cafetero expresses everything I have worked for and that carries me forward every day: passion for my work, research and study to always be updated and, finally, quality because I would not offer my customers something that does not I would drink or eat myself. These remain my pillars.