Rwanda Kabaya – Washed

LOCATION’: Nyabihu District
ALTITUDE: 2230 – 2290 masl
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon
CUP PROFILE: Raspberry, Black currant and lime notes, cola aftertaste


Rwanda Kabaya – Washed

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Shyira is the highest washing station in Rwanda. The temperate climate, high altitude, and volcanic soil provide the station with a perfect microclimate for cultivating specialty coffee.

As with all specialty coffee plantations, the harvesting phase is done exclusively by hand. During this process, an initial qualitative selection of the coffee is made by removing unripe or damaged cherries. Subsequently, the cherries undergo an initial washing in tanks to remove any floating debris, with the aim of making our coffee even cleaner. Once the parchment is separated from the coffee bean, a final rinse is performed.

After completing all the washing stages, it’s time for drying: first in a dedicated drying area where a further quality check of the pulped beans is carried out. After this check, the beans are left to dry and are regularly turned throughout the day.

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Weight250 g

Light Roasting, Medium Roasting


250 gr.


Aeropress, Beans, Chemex, Espresso, Frenchpress, V60


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