Tasting Coffee: Discover Our “Taste Paths”

Tasting coffee: you can taste coffee with a specific route at the Cafetero, in Milan in Via Rembrandt, n° 12.

Tasting coffee: you can taste coffee with a specific route at the Cafetero, in Milan in Via Rembrandt, n° 12.

Do you know that each type of coffee has different flavor and taste characteristics, which change based on the cultivation area, the harvest, the roasting and the extraction method with which it is served?

Although in Italy coffee is appreciated and drunk in large quantities, not everyone is aware of the fact that to taste and learn to appreciate coffee in its entirety, a certain preparation is necessary.

In fact, there are around a thousand chemical components of the aromas of each single coffee. What does this translate into? In the infinite combinations that make every tasting a real taste experience.

Tasting Coffee: What Are Specialty Coffees?

Do you want to get closer to coffee tasting? Then, you should know the origins of specialty coffee.

Each specialty coffee is identified by a pool of industry professionals who ascertain its quality. Each specialty coffee is a universe unto itself. Each of them is single origin, therefore it comes from a specific plot of land, certified and from sustainable production. Enjoying a specialty coffee means sipping and tasting high quality, traceable and sustainable coffee. In fact, tasting the different types of coffee, testing the various aromatic combinations and discovering how these change based on the type of extraction with which the coffee is served, is configured as a real taste journey, very similar to that of wine.

Tasting a specialty coffee Tasting a specialty coffee means totally immersing yourself in the character, taste, flavor and aromatic notes that are different based on the origin, variety and processing method. Starting this tasting journey means approaching the different types and extractions of coffee with caution and discovering, little by little, which one is most pleasing to our palate.. That is, it means being open to experimentation and knowing how to appreciate the smells, nuances and peculiar notes of each individual coffee.

Among the most widespread and appreciated specialty coffees there are, without a shadow of a doubt, Arabica and Robusta quality. The first is characterized by floral and fruity flavors combined with citrus notes that are particularly evident when tasted in espresso. The second has a more decisive, intense and full-bodied flavour.

The Path to “Coffee Lover” By Il Cafetero

To become coffee experts and appreciate all the characteristics, nuances, personalities and various combinations that each coffee can give us, we at Cafetero have created a special tasting journey in 4 simple steps.

  1. Coffee, natural. In this first step towards your “Coffee Lover” license you will learn to savor natural coffee and discover that “it is not bitter!”
  2. Taste a Specialty quality blend. We offer you a blend of three single origins: Brazil, Honduras and Peru, perfect for starting to discover the distinctive peculiarities that hide behind each coffee.
  3. Every week, a new speciality for you. A weekly event in which you can taste a different specialty. Thus, you will be able to identify your personal favorite type of coffee.
  4. Experiment with different types of extraction. You will know the other extraction methods, in addition to the well-known espresso. Any examples? The mocha, the pour over, the aeropress or frenchpress, capable of enhancing the sweeter flavors by reducing the acidity that is sometimes felt when tasting a specialty coffee in espresso.

So, are you ready to fully enjoy the coffee tasting experience?

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